Best language for potential stand-alone desktop application

Have not programmed in years but now wish to create an application that the user can paint a picture on a grid format for beading patterns.  Similar to EasyBead application for beaders (that application seems to be no longer viable and does not have the features I want).  However, it appears VB.NET is old news so for current applications I think I need to learn a few new languages but do not know what would be the best place to start.  This would be a stand-alone desktop application mainly for PC's.  It would have an interface for users to select bead sizes and colors, then "paint" the grid pattern.  I also want to have a mechanism where the user can track their inventory and have the application indicate if they need to purchase additional beads or not.  Any suggestions on the best language(s) to achieve this goal?
Sandra SmithRetiredAsked:
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Bill PrewCommented:
Well, since you are developing for Windows, and have at least some VB and VBA background, it seems like Visual Studio is in the running.  There is a free version you can download and explore (  It will be different and seem complex at first I'm sure, but your application sounds fairly simple so you may not need many of the advanced features.  And there is plenty of support for Visual Studio around, either on the internet, or here at EE.

Sandra SmithRetiredAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the answer and the link.  Seems I can capitalize on what I already know to some extent.  Sure there will be future questions!
Sandra SmithRetiredAuthor Commented:
I am excited to get back to doing some programming, have missed it!  And with your advice, comfortable returning to a language I am vaguely familiar with rather than starting all over with something entirely new.  not that that is a bad thing, a good challenge perhaps later.
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Sandra SmithRetiredAuthor Commented:
This is great!  Was doing some research and getting a little confused.  This is going to help me focus.  I think starting with the .net trying is a good place to start.  I have gotten out of touch with the prpgramming world and really appreciate your advice.
Sandra SmithRetiredAuthor Commented:
Also, cannot spell!
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