Need to have a "copy to clipboard" feature on my News Articles

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Need to have a "copy to clipboard" feature on my News Articles

I like the site at the company with which I am partnered...but want to be sure I am as little like their site as possible.

Here is the feature in question...

To the right of the article is an icon.

Icon Only
When you click the icon, three choices display themselves.

I only use the "Copy Link" feature

Copy Link
Which opens this box...

Copy Link 2
I want to be sure this feature exists on my website, partly so I can use it to send to articles to clients and so can my sales agents. Obviously, there will be a page label in the URL so that URL opens not only the right page, but to the part of the page where the article is visible.

What similar thing can you show me from some other site? I do not want to copy my partner's site. So, I am taking out the LinkedIn and Email features. I just want that URL in the clipboard.

I know this has been part of the web standard since forever. But I just need to see one example of it some where.

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copy/paste don't work well in all browser

Any how why asking the user the click copy link when you can get the link automatically...

I would no use Javascript for this but PHP or other server side language.
example with PHP

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you will probably need to edit the .htaccess
RewriteRule (.*) index.php?id=$1 

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If you are using WP or other opensource CMS there are several widgets for this.

You can also check on codecanyon for social widgets
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