Is this scanner listed on Amazon an Epson Expression 1680 scanner?

My company has an Epson Expression 1680 scanner that has stopped working. The manual for this scanner has been attached to this question. Epson-1680-scanner-exp168uu4.pdf

We need to order a replacement scanner and have found this scanner for sale on Amazon:

(which is identified as an "EPSON 1680 - EPSON PERFECTION 1680 W/ADF" scanner.

My question about this scanner listed for sale on Amazon is whether or not it is the exact same model as our existing Epson Expression 1680 scanner.

We need to make sure that we order the exact same model scanner.

I have already asked this question on Amazon but haven't yet received a reply.
IT GuyNetwork EngineerAsked:
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I did a Google search on Epson 1680 scanner and they all came up as Epson Expression (vs. Epson Perfection in the ad).  The one in the ad has an ADF (automatic document feeder).

Does it look the same as yours other than (potentially) the ADF?  If so, I'd assume it is the same model.
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
It quite probably is.

There are a number of extras you can get when purchasing the 1680 such as Firewire and ADF.  That one has ADF but may not have Firewire.  Yours may or may not have Firewire.

Otherwise I'd say they are the same unless there are some internal differences.
we only have access to the same information as you so Amazon title "EPSON 1680 - EPSON PERFECTION 1680 W/ADF" seems the same as "My company has an Epson Expression 1680" and a picture search with google or bing or whatever internet search engine of your choice reveals the same picture as the Amazon offer
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RyanHelp DeskCommented:
Here is the phone number for Amazon:

If you prodive them the Amazon product number then they might be able to help you.

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Request a serial number
RyanHelp DeskCommented:
I agree with:
Expert Comment
ID: 42561019
Request a serial number

This would be helpful as well.
may i ask why the replacement MUST be the same as the Original?
a new one is usually better, and may also be cheaper
IT GuyNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Once I have obtained the serial number for this scanner listed on Amazon where can I go to enter the serial number to find out exactly what model number the scanner is?

This scanner has a feature where the glass on the scanner bed can be removed and a container containing liquid can be inserted and this container is then scanned.

That is why I need to make sure that the replacement scanner also has this feature since this is what this scanner is primarily used for in our lab environment.
ok tx for the update
once you've obtained the serial number, go to the manufacturer warranty section to obtain additional information
This scanner has a feature where the glass on the scanner bed can be removed and a container containing liquid can be inserted and this container is then scanned.
This sounds like a custom modification. In that case it is probably impossible to find another one.

If it is a standard unit, does the scanner on Amazon look the same as yours? The 1680 shown there has a rather different look from most other scanners. The specs do not show the box underneath the scanner, nor does the product brochure. The User Guide lists optional ADF and Transparency Feeder units and it looks here as if the Amazon unit has the Transparency Feeder. Does your liquid container perhaps install in the transparency feeder? That would make sense as both are transparent. It implies that your container is a very thin flat box. If that is the case, make sure the Amazon unit has the transparency unit.
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