need HD dock for all types of HDs

I am looking for a dock that reads old IDE, Ultra IDE, and also old smaller laptop HDs as well as any type of SATA HDs.  I would prefer one with a USB 3.0 connection.  I've looked all over and haven't been able to find someone that offers one.  One other option that I just thought of would be to use some type of converter with it with one end of the converter going to the HD and the other end going to the dock.  Example old IDE drive connected to the converter and then the converter connected to the dock.  Please advise if you can find a dock that will connect them directly with the dock and if there are converters available, and if so, will they work with a dock.
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That was only an example.

There's plenty of different types eg

I can't really recommend one brand/model or their usefulness over another as I've probably gone all SATA now.  I've got converters that let me run SATA on IDE/PATA and the other way around.  But that's ages ago.
Don't believe there is such an animal.

You can get converters that can handle a number of formats, e.g.  but I've seen simpler three way connectors around.   Will have another look.

Can't find what I'm looking for.  But there were a couple of obscure laptop hard disk interfaces out there as well.
RyanHelp DeskAuthor Commented:
It says:
The converters are designed to fit inside Addonics Storage Tower and Storage Rack.
Do you know if the adapter boards that fit inside the computer can be attached to other mother boards?
I'm only interested in the IDE-USIB Converter (AAIDEUSPCB).
RyanHelp DeskAuthor Commented:
I like the looks of the ones on Amazon a lot better since they don't need an adapter card.  Cheap too.

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