Need to change default account being used to create an ODBC data source.

I am installing vCenter Server on windows and connecting it to an external SQL database.  Somewhere in my installation I must  have entered a local administrator account and it is being used to create a new data source.  long story short I get the attached error.   I am wondering if this default account can be changed so i can connect using a domain user account.

Thank you.
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Raja Jegan RConnect With a Mentor SQL Server DBA & ArchitectCommented:
If you want to just modify the ODBC data source, then you can change it by modifying the DSN as listed below..

if you want to modify the authentication mode or password of the existing account or create a new SQL login at the SQL Server level, then you would need to do get the help of the external SQL Server DBA..
Gaurav SinghConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
you will need to reinstall and use the SQL Authentication to install vcenter.
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