CredSSP message when using Remote Desktop

Claude Constantinescu
Claude Constantinescu used Ask the Experts™
It started happenning yesterday, when I try to use Remote Desktop Connection to a server withing the company this message pops up (CredSSP) and it prohibits me to access it. I went to the link and read the cause but how can I solve it?
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I found this website I think this is where the answer resides!
I installed the update and I no longer get the message, thanks!
We struggled with this and discovered the problem was related to Microsoft's Security patch on Tuesday. It impacts:
  • Remote Desktop to Computers
  • Remote Desktop to VMs
  • Remote Desktop to Azure VMs
  • VPN Connections

I wrote an article about it on EE, but it's going to take a couple days for them to review and publish it. Meanwhile, I wrote a blog post to describe the problem, symptoms, causes, and a simple workaround.

It's related to Security Updates on machines that don't have Windows Updates automatically applied.

Remote Desktop Authentication Error Has Occurred. The function requested is not supported. CredSSP

Please let me know if you're experiencing other problems as this is all new.


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