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Transparency not completely removed imagerotate

Added an image that shows an original image with transparent background and the modified image after the code has been executedHi, I am trying to rotate an image using php image rotate and my goal is to retain the transparency of the image after the rotation. I tried the following method according to a solution posted by techtonik but it doesn't completely make the image transparent as the original image. There are still some parts with the color. I have added an image which shows my results. The green color can be seen in the square image.

        $imagew = imagecreatefrompng('new_image.png')
        $stubColor = imagecolorallocate($imagew, 0, 255, 0);
        imagefill($imagew, 0, 0, $stubColor);
        $imgcolors = imagecolorstotal($imagew);

        $rotimg = imagerotate($imagew, 25, $stubColor);

        imagetruecolortopalette($rotimg, false, $imgcolors);
        imagecolortransparent($rotimg, imagecolorat($imagew, 0, 0));

        for ($levels = 0; $levels < 10; $levels++) {
            $stubColor = imagecolorclosest($rotimg, 128, 100, 100);
            imagecolordeallocate($rotimg, $stubColor);
            imagecolorallocate($rotimg, 0, 0, 0);

        imagepng($rotimg, 'my_image.png');

        $imagew = imagecreatefrompng('my_image.png');
        $imgcolors = imagecolorstotal($imagew);
        imagecolortransparent($imagew, imagecolorat($imagew, 0, 0));
Shahab Ali
Shahab Ali
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Julian HansenCommented:
Try add 127 to this line
$stubColor = imagecolorallocate($imagew, 0, 255, 0, 127);

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Also you are setting green as the colour to use for your transparent areas - are you sure that is what you want.
Shahab AliAuthor Commented:
Now there is no extra color on the edges when the image is rotated. Thank you but there is one small problem. Now the images have a thin black border line. Any idea how that can be removed?
Julian HansenCommented:
Not sure - maybe post a new question and open it up to some other experts.
Shahab AliAuthor Commented:
Okay thanks
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