Stop mail flow to Office 365 mailbox.

Hi All!

Whats the "best" way to stop mail flow to an Office 365 E2 mailbox but keep the mailbox as is for say that person's manager - just stop all flow to it internal and external?

AD on site - Azure sync - Office 365 mailbox.

Jim GurnseyDesktop SupportAsked:
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FOXActive Directory/Exchange EngineerCommented:
Open your Exchange admin center>dashboard>mailboxes...double click the mailbox in question>open mailbox features
1.Disable everything in Email Connectivity
2.Go to Message Delivery Restrictions
Accept Messages from *Only senders in the following list -you can set an admin mailbox
Jim GurnseyDesktop SupportAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the reply!

I tried the second part but got an error about having to do it "on site" instead of Office 365 - Admin

Thought I would have to do it with Powershell - but it totally worked fine that second time!

Thanks Again!!
Jim GurnseyDesktop SupportAuthor Commented:
David GipeCommented:
Another thought (for next time); move the associated email addresses to a distribution list with no members, delete all email addresses except the primary and then create an email address which is totally random. Nothing changes but the associated email address (and no one knows it).
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