How to get values dynamically with SharePoint 2013 workflow

Hi experts, I have a custom list with a column that has a look-up field. I want to populate dynamically some values from another list to a column of the current list on the basis of  what is chosen in the look-up field.

For example if i choose "F.Sc Pre Eng. Part 01" in Program Name the related courses should be displayed dynamically in Course column.

Note: Currenltly i'm using Set field action in my workflow. But it set value after the list item is created and i want run time dynamic values in Course column.

Mobi NobiAsked:
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Britt ThompsonSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
Workflows will only run on create or change. You can't get item data dynamically via the workflow and the standard library but you could do this within an InfoPath form. InfoPath can query other lists on the change of controls within the form. Once you hit save in the form, the workflow would kick off and handle any other requests.
Mobi NobiAuthor Commented:
Thanks @Britt. Actually i was thinking may be there'll be a way to do this in SPD.
Walter CurtisSharePoint AEDCommented:
Keep in mind that Infopath forms and SPD are two separate products. In case you don't have a license for Infopath, you can do what you need to do using jQuery or something similar.

Good luck...
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