checking a string for non-digit characters

Hi experts,

I have this working fiddle:

In this example I have a textbox.

I'm using regex to check the input.

Right now if you type the less than symbol < followed by any numbers [0-9] a space is placed between the < and the number that was typed like this:

Notice that when I type < followed by letters like this <m it's not putting a space in between.

How do i revise my example to also put a space in between when I type < followed by a lowercase or upper case letter or symbol?
I'm using this regex for that <[^0-9]

The only time a space should not be put in between, is when I type less than symbol followed by the equals sign <= that shouldn't get a space in between.,

So sample texbox output would look like this. Notice how only time it didn't get a space in between after the < symbol is when I typed = after it.

< 4dsmmdfs < tyfsd < 9s < Twe <= fsddskj
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where would that go in the fiddle?
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