What Tech Stack or System Architecture should I use for this Project?

Hello I have a project I am working on. I am seeking to understand all possible setups for a project before I make a suggestion. Please keep in mind simplicity and convenience is important.  I am not sure if a Customer Solution is right or using Out of Box Solutions as part of a larger system is right. I really appreciate your help. Thank you in Advance.

Project is for a Regional Provider of LuxuriousSpa Treatments Users involved in the process include the Therapists, the TheSpa Provider and it's Locations, and the Clients.

Current Problems/Proposed Solutions:

-Paper Applications, and Processes by Paper used for Provider and Client Applications. Additionally, enabling customers to fill out an electronic paper intake form in lieu of Paper via Ipad.
-Would like to manage the entire work process from the initial point of contact through to service rendered. (Below is a summary).
-Enable Reception to book with an digital booking system and keep track of customer profiles
-Enable multiple locations to access purchase history and Identify and verify the details of each purchase. Locations need a booking management system to schedule & book appointments, manage customers profiles, as well as manage therapist profiles.

- Website Feature offering Gift Certificates & Packages that may be Pre-Purchased with no limits AS WELL AS Gifted. Gifted means: Allow to gift by email, name, phone # greater than 1 gift certificate or package.
-Merge all existing purchase data with new database.


-TheSpa currently administers paper forms to all it’s first time customers, and would like to go Electronic, using an electronic intake form via an Ipad. Completed Forms will be used to create customer profile. Completed form or check-in (Second Time Customers) will notify therapist customer is in Lobby. Therapist leads customer and performs service, and must fill out a form Electronically on their phones with a few input fields - Name, Service rendered, Time, and any other preferences. Therapist will make the service completed.


- Customers are able to Pre-purchase Online, and Gift part of their Purchase to whomever they want. Gifting can take place electronically (via a text or email or both) or be mailed out (reception will handle this)
- Customers also walk-in and pay for the service after it is rendered.

Not sure if this matters I was thinking abut using Cognito Forms, Acuity & Zapier. Here are the trigger points, per Zapier Integrations though I welcome opinions.

-Triggers should take place when an application is complete, or when a Second time customer Checks in.
 -Upon checking in or completing the application, Therapist will receive a notification - their client is present and ready. Therapist will walk out to reception and lead the customer to the service area.
- Upon completion of the service by said Therapist, Therapist will use iPhone to log some data: Service Rendered, Time, and any Preferences for future. This information should be stored. After this the workflow is deemed complete.
Frank KAsked:
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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
I have created an online system for yoga studios which is similar that has gone through a couple of versions and will be working on a third version in next couple of months. When I first created this there were not many choices as their are today and in the end a custom solution that I was able to use for several studios worked out and saved 40 hours a month in manual processing.

For out of the low code solutions, you can look at https://www.odoo.com/, https://www.zoho.com/ or https://www.salesforce.com/ to name a few. The advantage with these types of systems is the core is already built and there are add ons and plug ins where you can create some type of work around to get what you are after without having to code anything.  

The disadvantage is you have to change your way of doing business to fit in how these products work. Long term pricing can also be very expensive. Oodo for example, when you add crm, website, email marketing, sales, crm, point of sale etc I get 1 user, 10 apps for $2,688 per year and $4848 per year for 10 users (no you can't easily have "one" user shared). That's $25,000 over 5 years and for that (and a lot less), you can have a more customized system created for you.

> Enable Reception to book with an digital booking system and keep track of customer profiles
Part of booking means you have to also keep schedules of the providers.  This starts out with each provider (or staff) creating a schedule of available times that can also be changed along the way. With a change, you may want to also have something automatically noted on the site the change is temporary and notify any regular clients.  Then bring all of the schedules together in one to view a master schedule.

A work around here would be using a calendar either from Google gSuite or Microsoft Office365.  However, to make this process seamless, you want a magic button that you can click that goes right into schedule a booking and perhaps taking any payment or client intake information.

> Enable multiple locations to access purchase history and Identify and verify the details of each purchase
Many POS/CRM systems will have this as a basic feature

> fill out a form Electronically on their phones
While some of these online systems will have a native app, I find it is best to be able to just use the site as a web app and especially if you build your own. This simply means the site is responsive so it looks just as good on a mobile device as it does on an ipad or desktop.

> Customers are able to Pre-purchase Online,
This is where some of the ready made systems may break down as it will require an integration to your website.

>Gift part of their Purchase to whomever they want
I think this is another area that will most likely need to be custom or take require it to be done manually.

> triggers should take place when an application is complete, or when a Second time customer Checks in.
> Upon checking in or completing the application, Therapist will receive a notification - their client is present and ready.

What I have done is to create a kiosk that is used in the reception area for self check in with minimal views to keep it simple and a more advanced check in the receptionist uses.

Another aspect to this is an easy way to generate payroll and marketing automation.  In the end it will be a matter of trade offs.  Some of the things that make it easier to get started can also make it more difficult. With something like zapier, there are some pre-made automatons but you end up with a hodgepodge of different api integrations that can not only become overly complex, if one of those goes away or changes as they do, the thing breaks down.  

If you like we can schedule a Live session and I can talk in more detail.

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Fadi AshouriCommented:
Thank you for the detailed response, this was quite informative.

Yes I welcome scheduling a session to discuss.
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