sql server fail over cluster changes on sql server

Sql server 2012 running on
node1, node2 running on fail over cluster manager windows 2012 and shares the same disk, node1 is active..

1. How do i plan to install new patches(kb,Sservice packs,etc) of SQL for the both nodes?
as some sql patches requires restart? I need to patch on both nodes?

2. If change any database settings in node2 or node1, will it replicate each other?

3. what precautions and planning i need to, during changes on the Sql servers. Pls suggest

4. what about if any windows updates or any windows patches needs to restart?
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Sajid Shaik MSystem AdminCommented:
here the microsoft documentation about the cluster rollup and service pack installation


all the best
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
1) You don't need to patch both nodes but it's highly recommended to do so as databases behaviour might be different if missing a hotfix. You should apply the hotfixes in the Passive node first and restart that node. Then you should schedule a day and time to failover the Active node to the Passive node (usually during night or weekend) so you can install the hotfixes in the now Passive node as the SQL Server instance will be running on the now Active node. You can schedule again a Failback if necessary.

2) There's no replication in a cluster environment. Changes made on a database will be immediately effective no matter in which node the database is running.

3) Check my answer 1).

4) Check my answer 1). Always apply on Passive node first, schedule the failover, apply on the new Passive node, schedule failback if necessary.

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