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Problem with bookmarks in a merge document. I am trying to take the values from a calculated field (orange field at the bottom of the document), and place that value in another field (blue field toward the top of the document). I have followed many suggestions found searching the Web, but so far have made no progress. Can someone please give me a step by step instruction to accomplish this? Please let me know if you need the source document, and I can upload that tomorrow if necessary.
Rick RudolphAsked:
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Yes, you have a problem.

Cross-referencing uses bookmarks, even when you use non 'Bookmark' types of cross referencing as seen in the Cross-reference dialogue.
Bookmarks in the Mail Merge Main document cannot be copied to a result document, because there would have to be one for each record in the datasource, and bookmark names are necessarily unique,.
The alternative of repeating the formula in the other location would require the table with the input data (A1 & B1) to have a bookmark,

There are always VBA solutions, but I suggest that you do the calculation in the datasource and put the 'sum' mergefield in both places in the document.

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