What type of blockchain development platform choose for Healthcare Web Application ?

Jay Patadia
Jay Patadia used Ask the Experts™
HI , i am new to Blockchain technology,
and rightnow i need to start it as soon as possible,
am Stuck at problem Which Platform environment to chose for creating Healthcare Level
Ethereum Blockchian
I want to say is Which one is batter,?
Or i can choose multiple also as per my Need
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ste5anSenior Developer

[..] per my Need [..]
Without knowing them, it wouldn't recommend blockchain at all. Cause blockchains do not support deletion of data. Thus it's a no-go for any sensitive personal information (SPI) storing system, where this must be possible.

Just my 2¢.

p.s. as health care data is SPI, you need asymmetric cryptography and access permission level concepts to the private keys.

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