Zip folder every nite with Date tag keeping 5 generations.

Good Day-

I need to zip a folder every nite for backup.  I'm using Carbonite end point and I need to take a full backup of the folder every nite.  So, I would need to keep 5 generations of the entire contents of the folder with a date tag as follow:


It would be ideal to delete older folders than 5 days old to avoid clogging up the hard drive.

OS is Windows 10 Pro.

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EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
I use KLS Backup for that type of task.
In my screenshot I keep the last 12 Zip Backup Archives. Older ones are deleted.
KLS SETTINGS(I could have chosen to delete zips older than a certain number of days).

The DBCopyForBackup_mm/dd/yy part is also easy to do.
craigAuthor Commented:
Tested the standard version...perfect! Thank you!
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