Why WordPress Is Best For Blogging ?

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Why WordPress For Blogging ?
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Aruna AttriWindows Blogger

WordPress is a DIY platform, with a basic technical knowledge anyone can handle his/her website on this platform. Also, it provides lots of free plugins to manage it properly.
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Before WordPress became the default goto for many websites (not blogs) it was a blogging tool - that was what it was built for. Since it's original release it has been extended and upgraded to make it a general tool for both blogging and non-blogging sites but it its core it is still a blogging tool. At the heart of WordPress are Posts - everything revolves around Posts.

The question is usually why should WordPress (A Blogging Platform) be used for sites that are not Blog based.

When it comes to Blogging - there are no other tools that even come close.
Bryr de GraySEO Technician
Here are the reasons:

  • It's user-friendly. Even without those who have in-depth knowledge of website coding can be able to successfully manage the blog/website.
  • Lots of free plugins. Lots of developers have been really generous enough to share free plugins for easier website customization and UI functionality
  • Lots of resources you can find on Wordpress management online
  • The Wordpress CMS (content management system) are also supported by lots of website hosting companies.
  • Can be easily integrated to social media channels for content syndication.
  • and among others.
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Muzammil HingoroWebmaster

The simple answer one can give you is WordPress is so easy to use that any non-technical person can easily manage it.
Ethan JaksonData recovery consultant
It is one of the simplest and user-friendly platform. It can be handled easily by a person with basic technical knowledge. It doesn't require a lot of coding skills. You can simply customize the theme to make better the interface of your website. Overall, it is very easy and best. That is why, it is the most preferred CMS.


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