Canon ir2016i Networking Issue

I have a client who has an older Canon ir2016i Copier.

They have moved into a new office with the copier left from the previous tennants.  From all reports the copier worked fine, but I am unable to get the copier to get an IP address from the modem.
I am wondering if anyone knows a way of factory defaulting the machine or any other tips to get the copier to seek an IP address.

I have tried DHCP and Static IP functions.  I have also connected the copier direct to the modem instead of through the new network cabling installed.  Both to no avail.

The copier can photocopy fine.

I am going to try the USB connection today but would prefer a network connection.
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Wayne88Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this.  Have a look at this video: and note where the Additional Functions button is and how the 2 & 8 were pressed.

Now, hit the "Additional Functions" button > press the "2" and "8" keys on the number pad simultaneously, and then quickly release them > hit the "Additional Functions" button again >  #Clear > select ALL.  This will clear ALL previous configuration.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
From all reports the copier worked fine

Is it definite that the network feature of the copier is functioning?  (Not simply "Oh yes, it worked fine for us"?)

If resetting the unit doesn't do the job, then you might purchase an inexpensive network print server off the fleabay and serve it via the USB port.
I have tried DHCP and Static IP functions
Does that mean you have actually given the printer a manual IP address? If so, can you ping it?

Unless you use reserved addresses, it's better not to let the printer use DHCP as sooner or later it will get a different address and then nobody can print. If you want the printer to use DHCP, make sure it is not currently set up with a static address.
mbellettyAuthor Commented:
Worked perfectly to get the machine an IP address.  Can now see it on the network and configure it
Glad to help and cheers!
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