Licensing terms of SnagIT Camtasia

If we create a domain Id (shared by a team of users) or a local Windows Id on a PC
for the team of users to use single licence of SnagIt-Camtasia, does this violate the
licensing terms?  It's about 3-4 users

Just wanted to get 1 licence due to budget reason.
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Iamthecreator OMCommented:
The EULA clearly states that the single user license can be used on one device by one person at a time.
Simultaneous use is prohibited.

you are licensed to install and run one copy of the Software on one licensed device (the first licensed device) for use by one person at a time. Provided that you comply with all the terms and conditions of this EULA and when required by the Software, you present a valid, authorized, and activated Software key, you may also install and run a second copy of the Software on a second licensed device for use only by you for your internal business or individual use only, whichever is applicable. Only one person at a time may use the Software on each licensed device and the two licensed devices may not be used simultaneously by that one person. You are licensed to install and use both the Snagit for Windows and Snagit for Mac versions of the Software, provided, that you are only licensed to use one version of the Software on one platform and in one language at a time (not simultaneously).

sunhuxAuthor Commented:
I forgot to ask : so if at any one time on that PC, only 1 user is using, this complies to
the EULA?   Though there may be many users but at any one time, only 1 user login
to the PC to use it
Iamthecreator OMCommented:
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