Finding FREE Management tool for AD Audit & Exchange Report.


I'm looking for FREE management tool or grograms for items as the following,
1) Windows Active Directory audit including User, Group, OU, GPO, DNS, etc..
2) Microsoft Exchange Report
Enviroment: Windows Server 2012 std R2, Exchange 2016

Could you please advise me ?
Thank you !
rafael hoNetwork/System EngineeringAsked:
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amir damirovCommented:
For Active Directory you can use this tool.
Naveen SharmaCommented:
LepideAuditor freeware edition for Active Directory, Group Policy and Exchange Server:

How to Safely Audit Active Directory with Free Tools:
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
The options provided are good options, but to be honest the free version of these tools are so minimal that it almost wouldn't be worth the time. I would suggest looking for a paid option if you can find it in the budget. If your environment is really small this may work, but consider spending a little bit for something that would benefit your actual needs.
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Kevin StanushApplication DeveloperCommented:
Its impossible to really know what you want specifically, but nothing that is really comprehensive is going to be 'Free' (and a free trial is not free either).  There isn't any reason a vendor is going to provide a lot of free functionality because free stuff does not pay rent, utilities, or salaries.  So the only option you have is to either cobble together a bunch of free utilities that each give you a piece of what you want, and augment that with your own Powershell scripts.  Or, learn to do it all in Powershell, which then makes it free as well.
For Exchange, this has a 45-day trial, have worked with it in previous versions and was impressed; .

If you need something, I would recommend paying for a tool and ... if you need it now, you may need it again which is another reason to buy because as the OS's and Exchange upgrades to new version(s), going free now means management will most likely see a different format next time (or it will cause more headache for you to "go free another way" and then convert to the same report.

Free has its cost(s) and it usually isn't incurred "now", it's usually incurred "later".
rafael hoNetwork/System EngineeringAuthor Commented:
It maybe use these trial free version before decide to purchase it.
Thank you for your assist.

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rafael hoNetwork/System EngineeringAuthor Commented:
1. Did known several products suggest by experts.
2. Have time for try to these product before purchase process.
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