How can I distribute(and collect) a form to users that they can confirm their assigned assets or provide updated information?

I have a personal MS Access 2010 database that contains a user table (approx 900 people)  that I populate by pulling user data from AD.  It also contains asset data (mainly IT equipment ~ 7500 assets +/-).
I would like to be able to provide users with a form that they can review the assets that are currently assigned to them, or located in their current office / workspace. (Standard office equipment such as dock, monitor, printer & scanners is assigned to the workspace & does not move with users, user usually has a laptop & cell phone assigned to them)

I would like to initiate the review, by an email or other trigger.  The user would view the assets and either confirm or correct the asset ID for each item.  Perhaps by scanning the items asset tag barcode or checking a checkbox on the form by each barcode.  Any user corrections would be accumuilated in a temp table so they could be validated and pushed to the source tables as updates.

I am not sure what the best method is: Infopath form, Outlook Form, etc.
I am looking for suggestions and an outline of the implementation steps.
Thanks for any suggestions.

Michael SpellmanSupervisory Operations Support SpecialistAsked:
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Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:

1. Will users be remote?
2. If so, will they have an internet connection?
3. Do they all have Excel and Outlook?

Michael SpellmanSupervisory Operations Support SpecialistAuthor Commented:
The users will primarily be directly connected & authenticated on the domain.  Some may access via VPN, but will still be authenticated on the network.  A common shared folder could be available.  All users are currently running Windows 7 or 10, Office 2010 or 2016 (including Outlook, & have Infopath Forms.  Email is via Outlook - Exchange environment provided thru Email As A Service
I don't believe that InfoPath is supported any more.  If the users are all connected to your network, you could create an Access app that they can interact with directly.  If not, then I think the best solution will be Excel.  When you create the spreadsheet, don't forget to include the primary key of each record.  That will make updating the database when the spreadsheet comes back trivial.

If you want to take the time, you can automate the whole thing.  Access can get the emails from your inbox provided, there is something it can use to identify them such as a specific phrase in the Subject line.  Access can then download the spreadsheet to a specific folder and import it to a temp table.  You can either update the main table immediately, or wait until all the sheets are collected.  You should also probably track the sheets that were returned so you can send follow up emails to the ones who haven't returned theirs yet.

The Access/Excel solution is more complicated than the straight Access solution due to all the moving parts but it is your best option if the users can't access your LAN.

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Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
For just collecting data you could use MS Forms which is available as an application within an Office 365 Subscription:

The forms are fairly easy to create with various formatting options and are distributed by providing a link in an email, in much the same way as Survey Monkey.

When submitted the results go back to the Originator and are stored in an Excel spreadsheet; you can then check the results against your source data and amend as required.
Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
<<you could create an Access app that they can interact with directly>>

  Not over a VPN, unless the back end is SQL Server or they are RD'ing in.

<<The Access/Excel solution>>

  That's where I was heading.   You can generate spreadsheets out of Access with the assets, then let them deal with the spreadsheet as needed, fill it out, send it back via e-mail, at which point you can process it for changes.

 Of course if you have users using phone or tablets and are not RDP'ing into a server, that's not going to work.

 While a bit complex, it generally is the best when you have a lot of diverse end users and need data to go both ways.

The link you posted only works with a business or school account.  It will NOT work with a personal subscription.
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
Well yes that's correct but 900 users isn't going to be a personal subscription.
It's one thing for MS to not support the feature in the personal edition, but to hide the documentation???  That seems idiotic.
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
What little I have used Forms for was very much by trial and error; also couldn't find any documentation.
Michael SpellmanSupervisory Operations Support SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Using Excel seems to be the most adaptive method.
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