How can I change the color of all open tabs in the editor?

I'm trying to change the color of my tabs (it can be all one color across all tabs, it's just right now it has a black background color with dull gray for the text color) and was wondering what the best approach would be; Use a 3rd party library or use styles.css to change the colors.

Any help is greatly appreciated :)
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Big MontySenior Web Developer / CEO of Asked:
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Brandon LyonSenior Frontend DeveloperCommented:
I haven't tried a third party library but it should be pretty simple to change the colors using styles.css. If you press ctrl+alt+i that should bring up the developer tools for Atom (which are similar to Chrome's browser inspector). You can then use the inspector to find the tab classnames. There are a few different options for selectors to choose. There are selectors relative to the filename you're editing, there are selectors relative to the tab you're editing (nth-of-type), and there are divs with data-attributes.
Brandon LyonSenior Frontend DeveloperCommented:
Which editor & which tabs?
Big MontySenior Web Developer / CEO of Author Commented:
my apologies, this is for the ATOM editor, and the tabs it creates for each file one edits
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