How can I change the color of all open tabs in the editor?

Big Monty
Big Monty used Ask the Experts™
I'm trying to change the color of my tabs (it can be all one color across all tabs, it's just right now it has a black background color with dull gray for the text color) and was wondering what the best approach would be; Use a 3rd party library or use styles.css to change the colors.

Any help is greatly appreciated :)
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Brandon LyonWeb Developer/Designer

Which editor & which tabs?
Big MontyWeb Ninja at large


my apologies, this is for the ATOM editor, and the tabs it creates for each file one edits
Web Developer/Designer
I haven't tried a third party library but it should be pretty simple to change the colors using styles.css. If you press ctrl+alt+i that should bring up the developer tools for Atom (which are similar to Chrome's browser inspector). You can then use the inspector to find the tab classnames. There are a few different options for selectors to choose. There are selectors relative to the filename you're editing, there are selectors relative to the tab you're editing (nth-of-type), and there are divs with data-attributes.

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