View Child Elements in Powershell

So I am trying to learn how to set IIS App Pools in Powershell, and also continue my training with Powershell.

I found somewhere that you can set the following attributes for the App Pool like this.

$appPool = Get-Item –Path IIS:\AppPools\XYZ_App_Pool
$appPool.processModel.identityType = "ApplicationPoolIdentity"
$appPool.enable32BitAppOnWin64 = 1
$appPool | Set-Item

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I know I can do this to get a list of available options to set
Get-ItemProperty IIS:\AppPools\XYZ_App_Pool | select *

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name                        : XYZ_App_Pool
queueLength                 : 1000
autoStart                   : True
enable32BitAppOnWin64       : True
managedRuntimeVersion       : v4.0
managedRuntimeLoader        : webengine4.dll
enableConfigurationOverride : True
managedPipelineMode         : Integrated
CLRConfigFile               : 
passAnonymousToken          : True
startMode                   : OnDemand
state                       : Started
applicationPoolSid          : S-1-5-82-2597519935-249327966-1169975569-694392190-3399998278
processModel                : Microsoft.IIs.PowerShell.Framework.ConfigurationElement
recycling                   : Microsoft.IIs.PowerShell.Framework.ConfigurationElement
failure                     : Microsoft.IIs.PowerShell.Framework.ConfigurationElement
cpu                         : Microsoft.IIs.PowerShell.Framework.ConfigurationElement
environmentVariables        : Microsoft.IIs.PowerShell.Framework.ConfigurationElement
workerProcesses             : Microsoft.IIs.PowerShell.Framework.ConfigurationElement
ItemXPath                   : /system.applicationHost/applicationPools/add[@name='XYZ_App_Pool']
PSPath                      : WebAdministration::\\WIN-6F7PH4VL1FD\AppPools\XYZ_App_Pool
PSParentPath                : WebAdministration::\\WIN-6F7PH4VL1FD\AppPools
PSChildName                 : XYZ_App_Pool
PSProvider                  : WebAdministration
PSIsContainer               : True
PSDrive                     : IIS
Attributes                  : {name, queueLength, autoStart, enable32BitAppOnWin64...}
ChildElements               : {processModel, recycling, failure, cpu...}
ElementTagName              : add
Methods                     : {Start, Stop, Recycle}
Schema                      : Microsoft.IIs.PowerShell.Framework.ConfigurationElementSchema

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However, I see in original script it setting a child elements for ProcessModel. $appPool.processModel.identityType = "ApplicationPoolIdentity" and I see in my list an item called ChildElements that shows {processModel, recyclying, failure, cpu…}

How do I see the full list for the ChildElements and how do I see the options for each of those Child Elements?
Ed WalshSenior Director of Applications and Cloud ServicesAsked:
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Well, there's always the possibility to assign the properties to a variable, then look at the single properties using tab completion, or piping to Select-Object or Get-Member.
$p = Get-ItemProperty -Path IIS:\AppPools\XYZ_App_Pool
$p.processModel | select *
$p.processModel | gm

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And here's a little script that'll show you the ChildElements, their types, and their values; save as Get-ChildElement.ps1 or Whatever.ps1.:
	$Path = "IIS:\AppPools\XYZ_App_Pool"
	Function Get-ChildElementRecurse {
		[string]$Parent = ''
		$depth = $Parent.Split('.', [StringSplitOptions]::RemoveEmptyEntries).Count
		$Parent = $Parent + '.' + $ChildElement.ElementTagName
		"$('    '*$depth)$($Parent)" | Write-Host -ForegroundColor Yellow
		$ChildElement.Attributes | ForEach-Object  {
			"$('    '*$depth)$($_.Name) <$($_.TypeName)>: $($_.Value)" | Write-Host -ForegroundColor White
		$ChildElement.ChildElements | ForEach-Object  {
			Get-ChildElementRecurse $_ -Parent $Parent
Get-ItemProperty -Path $path | Select-Object -ExpandProperty ChildElements | ForEach-Object {Get-ChildElementRecurse $_}

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