Windows 8dot3 file names displaying win Windows Explorer "copy path" feature

I have a customer who is planning on moving all their files from an NTFS Windows Server 2008 R2 based file storage to a cloud based storage system. As part of our standard due-diligence, we discovered a lot of long file paths (over 255 characters).  I remoted into both a Windows 10 and Windows 7 computer to run some tests. I found it very odd that I was able to open, save, manipulate, move, etc. some of the longest paths with no issues whatsoever. On both Windows 7 and 10, I wanted to verify that the paths were actually too long for Windows. I used Explorer's "copy path" feature and noticed that Explorer was presenting me with the 8dot3 or short file path instead of the long path I was expecting (see screenshot). On every other network I have tested this on, I see the entire path, not the shortened path.
8dot3 example
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
All I can think is they appended long names (maybe) after a space to the 8.3 convention. Best permanent solution is to shorten the names maybe by shortening the folder pars
David GipeCommented:
I agree with John; there is no permanent solution short of changing user habits unless the cloud storage has different long file path / naming rules.
David GipeCommented:
John is dead on and the only thing else to add is change user habits because this will continue to happen until either the technology allows it to happen or users change their habits.
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