Port conflict but nothing else is using port 5900

Can't connect and this is the message in VNC Server Information Center: Port conflict preventing direct VNC connections over TCP.  The port on which VNC Server is expecting to receive direct connections is in use by another program or service. For example, it may be that VNC-compatible Server software from a third party is already listening on this port.  Firewall is turned off but added a rule any way.  
Ran this command and nothing else is using port 5900

 C:\Users\administrator>netstat -ano | findstr 5900
  TCP               LISTENING       4760
  TCP    [::]:5900              [::]:0                 LISTENING       4760

Name      PID      Status      User name      CPU      Memory (private working set)      Description
vncserver.exe      4760      Running      SYSTEM      00       10,544 K      VNC® Server
Sharon VarnerAsked:
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