Roaming Profiles and Virtual Machines

I am wanting to set a user up with a roaming profile. they have a surface they use at the office. When they are out they vpn in to connect to resources. I am setting them up a hyper v machine that I want to look and feel like there current desktop. Any ideas on this one.
Ross MaddoxIT DirectorAsked:
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Don't use roaming profiles. They are a MAJOR nuisance. Use redirected folders instead. It is less taxing on your network, and far less likely to cause major problems. No, it won't sync the user settings, but all documents and desktop items will be.

Note that you should always point redirected folders to a DFS Namespace instead of directly to a file share. This makes it 10x easier to move to a new file server in the future.
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
I've never had any major issues with roaming profiles on the local network, but roaming profiles over a VPN are not generally a good idea.  They can cause very slow logins (depending on what the user has on their desktop) and if the user doesn't actually LOG OFF before disconnecting the roaming profile won't get updated properly and can get corrupted.  So, if this is a laptop that is used over a VPN very often, I would agree with the post above and advise against using a roaming profile.  Even redirected folders can be a little slow to refresh, but are definitely a better idea than having the entire desktop roam.
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