Since moving to exchange user says number emails has declined

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User says he used to get 50 email a day and now gets 20 or so

Is exchange over filtering mail?

He says he sees some junk mail so he is aware of junk mail

Any ideas ?
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Jeff GloverSr. Systems Administrator
There is little to go on here. what version of Exchange are you using? How are you setup? Single server? Multiple Servers?  Are you using some type of SPAM filter or edge device? Has the user been removed from any distribution groups lately? Have you created or modified any Malware filters? Have you removed any accepted domains? Are you using any type of Anti-Virus?
  These are all things that could affect mail. Does he have any examples of mail he knows was sent to him and not received. If so, perhaps you need to make sure your MX records are still good. ( is good for that). Once you answer these, perhaps we can point you in the right direction.



It’s office 365 setup by a hosting company

We are using MS defender and outlook 2010
No spam SW

Perhaps I just talk to my hosting co but I wanted to ask here first
Jeff GloverSr. Systems Administrator
If you have access to the Office 365 Exchange Administration portal, then you can check certain things yourself. Look under reports in the Office Admin center or look under Protection in the Exchagne Admin center to see if any SPAM filters or Malware filters are there and misconfigured. However, if you are relying on a Third Party, then contact them. they should be able to run reports to see if any mail is being dropped.
Exchange does not do message filtering unless you are using Edge server, we do have some agents but that should not mark the emails rejected.

Check on your email gateway what is the number of emails being sent to this user and is the smae number is shown on exchange while you do message tracking
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As Exchange Check whether email is junk or not at different level:

Intelligent Message Filter (IMF): It assigns a Spam Confidence Level (SCL) rating to the message and compares it with defined thresholds.
Spam Confidence Level (SCL): There are eleven values for SCL assignment:
-1:  Reserved by Exchange for messages that are submitted internally
0:  Messages are not spam.
1-9: Lower the value higher the spamming messages.

Store Action Threshold (SAT): Used to compare with the message’s assigned SCL (1-9)
For example, IF SCL rating of 5 by IMF in an Exchange Organization with an SAT of 7 will be modified by SMEX to have an SCL of 8. This would meet the condition of SCL > SAT (8 > 7) for Exchange to deliver the message to the Junk E-mail folder.

Please Check Content Filtering Agent:

To check Anti-spam and anti-malware permissions:

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