C language code displays text using IE8, but Microsoft pulled out code for IE9 function writeLine(lines, lineIdx){ var layer = new LayerObject("writer"); var line = lines[lineIdx]; var v

I wrote some code for my own version of a kindle reader
that highlights noun and verphrases It worked fine on IE 8
but when IE9 came out microsoft for some unkown reason
pulled out the code from the IE9 browser that supported
my wrtiteline function.

You can download an Video of my Kindle Reader
here      http://www.e-bookster.com/Kindle-Xreader.mp4
Paul KellySoftware EngineerAsked:
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Paul KellySoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
Hello Experts Exchange !!!!
Been a long time since I was a member
Looking forward to getting my product
to work on current versions of Microsoft and
Mozilla Browsers

I was building a client base but when IE9 came
out my code mysteriously stopped working

Once I get it to work on current browsers
and start rebuilding a customer base I will
try to get Amazon to buy code and add it to
the Kindle Reader and Audible

Using the LT Chunker string parsing library
developed at the University of Edinburg
Gramaticaly Correct Noun and Verb Phrases
are highlighted and dislpayed in a rolling
ticker tape fashion.

The Browser can re-sized dynamically
and the speed can also be adjusted,  the
text can also be edited manually after
the Noun and Verb Phrase Markers are inserted
into the E-Text.    Looking to add audio CODEC also

Big potential an an ESL tool and bringing to life
the lifeless text displayed on the Kindle reader
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