tsql error

When I run the following query it works in tsql

RESTORE DATABASE [Temenos] FROM DISK = '\\corpfs03\backups\Temenos\Temenos_backup_2018_05_16_220001_5364522.bak'
MOVE 'Akcelerant' TO 'd:\temenos\data\Temenos.mdf',
MOVE 'Akcelerant_Log' TO 'd:\temenos\log\Temenos_log.ldf',
recovery, REPLACE, STATS = 10;

but when I try to make this as a restore job and try to put the same value within this script i am getting errors, any idea what am i doing wrong
USE Master;

-- 1 - Variable declaration
DECLARE @dbName sysname
DECLARE @backupPath NVARCHAR(500)
DECLARE @fileList TABLE (backupFile NVARCHAR(255))
DECLARE @lastFullBackup NVARCHAR(500)
DECLARE @lastDiffBackup NVARCHAR(500)
DECLARE @backupFile NVARCHAR(500)

-- 2 - Initialize variables
SET @dbName = 'Temenos'
SET @backupPath = '\\corpfs03\backups\Temenos\'

-- 3 - get list of files
SET @cmd = 'DIR /b "' + @backupPath + '"'

INSERT INTO @fileList(backupFile)
EXEC master.sys.xp_cmdshell @cmd

-- 4 - Find latest full backup
SELECT @lastFullBackup = MAX(backupFile)
FROM @fileList
WHERE backupFile LIKE '%.BAK'
   AND backupFile LIKE @dbName + '%'

SET @cmd = 'RESTORE DATABASE [' + @dbName + '] FROM DISK = ''' + @backupPath + @lastFullBackup + ''' WITH MOVE '[Akcelerant]' TO 'd:\temenos\data\Temenos.mdf', MOVE 'Akcelerant_Log' TO 'd:\temenos\log\Temenos_log.ldf', recovery, REPLACE'

PRINT @cmd
-- check for log backups
   SELECT backupFile
   FROM @fileList
   --WHERE backupFile LIKE '%.TRN'
   WHERE backupFile LIKE @dbName + '%'
   AND backupFile > @lastFullBackup

OPEN backupFiles

-- Loop through all the files for the database
FETCH NEXT FROM backupFiles INTO @backupFile

   --SET @cmd = 'RESTORE LOG [' + @dbName + '] FROM DISK = '''
      -- + @backupPath + @backupFile + ''' WITH NORECOVERY'
   --PRINT @cmd
   FETCH NEXT FROM backupFiles INTO @backupFile

CLOSE backupFiles
DEALLOCATE backupFiles

-- 6 - put database in a useable state
--print @cmd
EXECUTE sp_executesql @cmd

Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 28
Incorrect syntax near 'Akcelerant'.
Msg 132, Level 15, State 1, Line 28
The label 'd' has already been declared. Label names must be unique within a query batch or stored procedure.
Fay ADBAAsked:
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Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
1) You definitely need to add quotes around the physical filenames in the final command (but no brackets around the logical file names) , and use NORECOVERY not RECOVERY (or you won't be able to apply any logs):

SET @cmd = 'RESTORE DATABASE [' + @dbName + '] FROM DISK = ''' + @backupPath + @lastFullBackup + ''' WITH MOVE ''Akcelerant'' TO ''d:\temenos\data\Temenos.mdf'', MOVE ''Akcelerant_Log'' TO ''d:\temenos\log\Temenos_log.ldf'', NOrecovery, REPLACE'

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Fay ADBAAuthor Commented:
That worked, thank you.
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