Problems with the Etsy Platform, recently...

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Problems with the Etsy Platform, recently...

I have a friend who was doing well for years on Etsy, selling crafts and keeping busy, with a work backlog that was quite dependable. But then it shut off, like a light-switch.

And others I know who depend on Etsy also seem to have the volume of business shot off.

Is this a known problem?

Was there, perhaps, a software change that caused a problem that can be rectified?

Please give me as much information as you have to help me see if there is anything that can be done.

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From 2 days ago:
"I can't list any items at all. Can't renew any expired listings. I noticed this a few days ago. First I though I somehow got banned from selling but now I'm seeing a lot more people are having the same problem. I wonder what is going on."

A few people refer to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and one says that there is so much "scare mongering around GDPR" that she feels like shutting up shop.

Something like this was my first thought about what could be causing issues.  Any seller who has any intention of sending goods to European Union countries (and that includes drop-shipping) now has to comply with this latest brain fart by the European Union and revise their privacy policies.  Is it possible that your friend (and others on the forum) have missed a communication from Etsy and their sales are being blocked until they go through a questionnaire about the privacy policy?

I also wonder whether buyers are being forced to read through a lengthy privacy statement after logging in but before they can buy anything, or perhaps they are being subjected to this when they try and actually make a purchase.  I've had this with quite a few websites recently and it's annoying as hell.  Perhaps some people with Etsy buyer accounts could confirm this for you.

I know that historically Etsy sellers could only advertise handmade products that they created themselves. In time they relaxed their policies about items having to be hand made and I have no doubt that a lot of "sweat shop" mass manufactured goods are being sold through Etsy now.  They came under heavy criticism for allowing counterfeit goods to slip past under their noses a few years ago.  Could it be that people looking for bespoke and genuinely hand made one-off items have become disenchanted by this relaxed policy that allows unscrupulous mass producers to market goods?

My suspicion is that Etsy have been making some interface changes that have made it difficult for people to list items and that this has perhaps coincided with visitors having to view new privacy policies before reaching a half-baked website.
curiouswebsterSoftware Engineer


THANKS! My friend was unsure if she had completed the approval of the privacy policy updates.
Thank you newbieweb

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