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Having problem setting up a access quentionnaire database example

yasanthax asked
Last Modified: 2018-09-06
I am creating a simple survey/questonnaire datbase.
Usersrequired a dunamic setup do they can add/remove  questions going forward.

I dedided to create most of the survey at row level of table. I created a table for initial  question types and then an attributes table separately but works on the same   split form.   I have now an issue with the row source coming as the rows source is very slow and is  not working consistently.  the screen values flicker and I thought of setting the attributes table as bound.  Is there an example ofhow to make this form work?  Would a function work more effectively to ensure correct recordsets are returnes and can be veiwed?

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Distinguished Expert 2017

I presume you've tried compact and repair.

Flickering is a sign of a loop caused by code or perhaps a timer event.  Although the form may in fact be corrupt.  If there is no sensitive data in the database, you might want to compact it and zip it before uploading.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2019

As you said probably is a simple form so you shouldn't have these issues...maybe something in the code is constantly performing requery thus causing slowness and flickering.
Maybe you should take a look at code behind for .Requery, .Repaint and so on.
If not upload a sample here to take a look.


I have a table with the
- condition identifier
- In the dropdown combo , I am returning the value of the conditional identifier  to an oncurrent functon

As soon as I select the combo box it shows the valid values as expected, However  if I leav ethe field the value is no longer seen althought it is there.   I tried looking up the table value to the orininal Id and text, still the same issue.

Do I need to use a tabporary table, and not sure it that helps.  When do you need to create temporary tables in MC Access datbases?

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We are only guessing at the problem if we can't see all the code behind the form.  Your code is causing the problem so we need to see it.
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Sounds like lots of extra, unnecessary code but as long as you are happy, we're happy.
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