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Dear Experts,

We are managing a range of equipment and software and we would like to create an "in-house" Knowledge base (for troubleshooting).
We have seen various Cloud-based solutions but we would prefer to purchase a software and install it on our Systems locally.

Could you please recommend such software?

Thank you in advace,
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just about any wiki will do .. i.e. mediawiki


Dear Johnson,

Thank you for your participation.

We are looking for a commercial product which will provide us version updates and support.
Moreover a Knowledge Base tool should have a good search engine in order to return the correct results.

Hence, could you recommend us any Business product for such use?
President and Btrieve Guru
I have been using Folio Views for decades, having first encountered it while supporting Novell NetWare in the 90s. It had been bought out several times in those years, and changed names a bit (Folio Builder), but it makes an excellent, in-house KB tool.

It supports full text search using complex ands and ors, along with "fields" that you can use to limit your searches, and it compresses the data and indexes as you go, to save space.

If you can find the current owner, it is a great option.


The current owner of Folio is the Rocket Software and the new product is called Folio/NXT


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