running an ubuntu server without language-selector-common nor dbus

running an ubuntu server without language-selector-common nor dbus

hi all, i'm looking for the leanest bloat-free secure possible ubuntu install ^^

- anybody knows what impact i should expect by trying to run an ubuntu server without dbus nor language-selector-common ( which is the only dbus reverse dep and has no reverse dep itself so i assume it is installed with the base system or tasksel )
- as a bonus, the preseed option to prevent it from being installed is welcome

i'm working on a skeleton for servers so i could not care less about breaking gnome or whatever other desktop which i do not plan on installing anyway.

i'm stuck with ubuntu so please don't suggest alternative oses or distributions

what i'm trying to figure out, is what is expected to make use of either of the above package on a server ( if at all ).
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
the leanest is ubuntu server
skullnobrainsAuthor Commented:
thanks @DJ

i'm already using that ( and minimal ), and actually experimenting with no tasksel at all.
unfortunately the "server" install comes with dbus.

my question is do any of you have experience with running an ubuntu server without dbus ?
the dependency list only contains language-selector-common which i believe i don't need and can likely remove from the base install
but i'm unsure dbus is not used by a bunch of other things which do not specify the dependency because they just assume dbus to be present
skullnobrainsAuthor Commented:
i've gotten rid of above mentioned packages. and many others.
on a server, harm seems minimal to non-existent.

note that dnsmasq requires libdbus  to be installed because an idiotic maintainer decided to compile in the dbus-enabled variant which opens quite the security hole allowing random users to change the dns forwarders and additionally introducing and flaw that dbus itself has. and there are probably others.

also note that running a desktop without dbus is probably not feasible. anything that uses gnome libs ( and many desktops use gnome indicators ) and stuff such as the network manager frontends often rely on dbus

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skullnobrainsAuthor Commented:
no other answer
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