violations in windows 2008 r2

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I have windows 2008 server r2 workgroup, i need to fix this

User Resources/Shared Folders Restriction:
Invalid Shared Folder ACL for group: Everyone, share name: D; No ACL allowed for group
Invalid Shared Folder ACL for group: Everyone, share name: Users; No ACL allowed for
group Everyone

Remediation Description= If Remediation finds permissions granted to Everyone on a shared folder, Remediation will remove these permissions.
Administrative shares ( $(Administrative shares) ) are excluded from remediation


User perf, Account Type: ABC, has a password set to never expire. Conditions:User is
not in Guest, IUSR_*, IWAM_*;User is member of local or domain administrative
group;Deny logon locally right is not set;Deny access to this computer from the network
is not set;Deny logon through Terminal Services right is not set

Remediation Description= Remediation will prohibit Password never expire setting. The accounts ( $(Password Never Expires Accounts ) will be skipped. If
the system is joined to a DC and GPO is activated, the GPO setting wins over the local setting. Remediation might not be able to change the value this setting.
this remediation is only working for local users

may i know, how can i fix it above 2. thanks
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where are you seeing this?


It is our it policy, which need to fix
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remove everyone and add domain users
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It is work group server
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then add the account that the users will be authenticating with
Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist
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For number 2, remove the Password Never Expire setting for non-builtin accounts
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Enough information provided to answer question

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