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I'm working in Excel to create an automated email list, but now have to also include disclosure information at the bottom of the email. I wrote a quick macro in excel to pull in the latest disclosure information into a separate worksheet in this workbook. However, I need help with the email macro to include the disclosure text and nicely format the text. I have flagged in the sample workbook where this text needs to be placed.
Craig JohnsonChief Technical Market StrategistAsked:
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Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering ConsultantCommented:
Try this code in your VBA macro, it will pull in the Disclosures information.  Adjust the formatting as needed, not sure exactly what you are looking for...

                 'This is where the disclosures need to go from the disclosure tab and nicely formatted
                 Dim i As Long
                 txt = txt & "<div style=""FONT-SIZE: 8pt; FONT-FAMILY: &quot;Arial&quot;,&quot;sans-serif&quot;; COLOR: blue"">"
                 With Sheets("Disclosures")
                    For i = 1 To .Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
                        txt = txt & .Cells(i, 1) & "<br>"
                 End With
                 txt = txt & "</div>"

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Fabrice LambertConsultingCommented:
Best way to do this, is to grab an WYSIWYG HTML editor, then either:
- Copy / paste the source code of your disclosure from the editor to VBA (In other words: Hard-code it).
- Copy / paste the source code of your disclosure from the editor to a cell in a sheet you'll hide.
Your VBA will just have to pull the disclosure from the hidden sheet (easyer to maintain).
NorieAnalyst Assistant Commented:

How would you want the disclosure text formatted?
Craig JohnsonChief Technical Market StrategistAuthor Commented:
Great answer and it works perfect!
Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering ConsultantCommented:
Great, glad that was helpful.

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