How to make or create a flash drive auto play any mp3 music inside of it?

Stiebel Eltron
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Dear EE experts,

We would like to ask on how to make or create a flash drive auto play any mp3 music inside of it, to any music players that have USB port.
Because some players are not updated, and when we insert the flash drive that have music inside, it can't be read, but flash drive has no problem...
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If the flash drive has no problems, and works on your PC/laptop, it's usually the device that indeed didn't update the content yet.
What you wish for though, is pretty much UNDOABLE.
Each music player has its own coding. If it doesn't play the newest songs you put on the USB, you have no way to force it (other than powering down the device, or force a refresh by inserting another USB, before inserting the USB you want again.
Each music player also has its own limits. One could read only 10 folders, the other can't do bitrates over 256Kbps, then another only 100 files.
Like all electronics, they each have their own quirks. There's no universal way like CD/Vinyl or tape players were in the old days.


Got it! So we have no other way but to use iPod and insert AUX cable to it then connect to speaker directly...

Thanks for the info!


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