Use of 'e' in Financial Engineering

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Dear experts,

I understand 'e' as in Log number to the base 'e' is used in a lot of scientific calculations.

CAn anyone please guide me on notes or (youtube) videos which explain its application in the field of Financial Engineering (like stochastic calculus)

I want to benefit of the experts' prior knowledge or experience.

Thank you
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Senior Software Developer
There are an amazing number of YouTube videos on the subject of Euler's Number.

How much Calculus do you know?


Hi Russ thank you.

I have completed studying Trigonometry, limits, differentiation

Integration is still pending
Russ SuterSenior Software Developer
You'd certainly be introduced to e when you learned about limits. The Numberphile video on the subject explains the classic example about interest compounded continuously. It should be the first one in the play list.

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