How to retrieve a CSR private key to give provider for certificate?

I am following the directions to retrieve my CSR key for my site certificate from a Linux box form the site below. After following the instructions, nothing happens and I do not get a private key. As you can see from the screenshot, I follow the instructions but it goes back to the root prompt.  

What am I doing wrong? Where does Linux store the key?
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MichelangeloSystem Administrator / PostmasterCommented:
What exactly gets printed in the terminal when you run these commands?
Otherwise You can use a wizard :
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
after running:

openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout your-domain.key -out your-domain.csr

Open in new window

the you-domain.csr (and all other files are in the current directory as no path has been specified).
It would be wise to keep those in the login (home) directory for the root user.

If you need to do this more often check out the qca tool.
this is an easy to use tool to manage keys, CSR, or even signthem for a private CA. etc.

After you receive the certificate you can configure the services that need the data with the right info.
The Private key will be named you-domain.key the public key is part of the csr.
maximus1974Author Commented:
Thank you Michelangelo. Please pardon my ignorance. I have never worked with Linux. Where exactly are the files saved? This is a Ubuntu box running on Oracle's Virtual box. How do I extract these files?

"OpenSSL creates both your private key and your certificate signing request, and saves them to two files: BARFIELDINC.key, and BARFIELDINC.csr. You can then copy the contents of the CSR file and paste it into the CSR text box in our order form."
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MichelangeloSystem Administrator / PostmasterCommented:
As noci wrote, the files are in the directory you’re working in. You can type
ls -l
To list files
maximus1974Author Commented:
Thank you. Found the .csr file. How do I open and read it? Need to copy it and give to internet provider.

MichelangeloSystem Administrator / PostmasterCommented:
Type in terminal, instead of open

cat yourfilename.csr

Copy and paste the content in notepad, save and attach to email
maximus1974Author Commented:
Sorry, I do not understand.

MichelangeloSystem Administrator / PostmasterCommented:
Type in lowercase

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MichelangeloSystem Administrator / PostmasterCommented:
Latest command only
MichelangeloSystem Administrator / PostmasterCommented:
or, better, use the wizard in the link. Do some reading on how linux bash shell works.
You will have to install the certificate afterwards and that will require some basic knowledge of the linux shell probably.
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