Bookmark MP3 music file listening progress on iPhone X

Is there any way of bookmarking the MP3 music location on an iPhone X?

I'm currently listening to some dramas using my iPhone X (that are each one hour long). I have several hundred of these dramas saved on my iPhone.

I have no problems when all that I listen to is these dramas (when I listen to them sequentially) since I pause listening to these dramas and then go back into the iPhone music app and continue listening from the point where I left off before (when I want to continue listening to these dramas).

However, whenever I listen to other MP3 music files I always lose my place as to where I have left off listening to these one hour long dramas.

Is there any way (or are there any apps I can load) which will allow me to bookmark or save the exact location of where I am currently listening to these dramas so I can continue listening at the exact point where I left off whenever I want to listen to other MP3 music files?
IT GuyNetwork EngineerAsked:
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Kyle SantosCustomer RelationsCommented:
I have personal experience with an account on  I do not use Apple's Music or iTunes because Plex allows me to manage my media and devices with so much ease.

I really love this company and the products features it has available.  I generally use the free aspect of this service and everything works very well.

To your question, I know Plex can start a song in one place and pickup in the same place later...even if you use multiple devices.  You can create play lists from your main Music library and it has your normal customization options for playing songs as most other players do.  

For example, I have my music files on a home computer that is setup with Plex server app.  I have the Plex mobile app on my iPhone (It costs a one time $4.99USD fee to buy).  When I login to Plex account I can listen to any song, pause, and then pick up where I left off with my iPhone.  Plex works great with my Roku too so I can also play my media on my TV!.  The only downside of using my own computer at home to host my files with Plex server is there is possible downtime.  e.g. brown out, ISP goes down.
Kyle SantosCustomer RelationsCommented:
Thank you and I hope this was helpful!
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