Setup SNMPv3 for Dell powerconnect N4032

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We purchased some new Dell PowerConenct N4032 switches and I want to configure them with SNMPv3 to talk to our Solarwinds product. However, I cant seem to find a solid post or instructions on how to do this. The solarwinds part all i need to do is give it the IP of the switch, but I'm lost on the switch configuration. I want it to be secure but i don't need anything complicated. I have never setup a V3 of SNMP.
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For SNMPv3, you will need to configure:  
-engine-id  -  choose default and it will be based of your mac address
-view  -  i have system chosen here but it will also take oid values
#snmp-server engine local default
#snmp-server group group v3 auth read read-group write write-group
#snmp-server user user group auth-md5 password
#snmp-server view view system included
It is similarly done in other  switch (5524)


Excellent. Thank you.

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