Technology changed education in the last thirty years

Ann K
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Discuss two ways technology changed education in the last thirty years.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
Most Valuable Expert 2013
Ok... you start the discussion... how do you think technology has changed education in the last thirty years... we'll try to continue it...
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer
1) Nobody can read cursive handwriting any more.
2) There's a lot less chalk used.
3) Teachers should be allowed to smash any cell phone that rings during class.
EE Topic Advisor
Most Valuable Expert 2014
Awarded 2013
mmm, here's a few randomly listed topics:
  1. an online thing called the internet makes all sorts of information available (not always good information)
  2. tablets in use from kindergartens onward
  3. bullying by social media
  4. copy/paste plagiarism
  5. do your homework by asking questions on forums
  6. digital photography
  7. digital video
  8. school shootings
  9. calculators everywhere, can anyone manually add-up theses days?

I kind of miss the blackboard & chalk
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Top Expert 2013
it seems the technology (smartphone) draws the kids attention to the device- and diminues interaction with the kids envireonment
it teaches them you can get away with pesting, bullying, etc - under a nickname
there is also no app that teaches them respect for other people
Here's one interesting way!  It means that college/university students (usually the young ones) etc, can easily 'upload' their assignments or ask their questions on boards like this one, and thereby not have to do any of the work themselves! :-)
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer
By George! you are right.  I never thought of that!

But this would require at least the tacit approval of the people managing the boards, and also the active cooperation of the people actually supplying answers, would it not?  That seems unlikely to me.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
Most Valuable Expert 2013
It's also made it much easier for teachers and professors to identify students who cheat and don't hand in their own work.  A simple quoted google search for some "unique" sections of text will reveal those students who actually just copy and pasted other people's work off the internet.
Yes, technology change education in last thirty years. Students will prefer Digital education as compare to Books or Tutions. With the help of online education or digital education students will easily clear their concepts and they learn easily and smartly. Technology changes our whole world education system. Especially students get the big benefit of technology. Now youngsters will be educated with the help of online education.
Brian NorthFreelancer

I believe that technology has already changed education. In any part of the world you can buy or download any book, find any information about programming, mathematics, astronomy, physics or chemistry. Nowadays, all paths are open to students. Thanks to technology, I can study at the university and at the same time work as a freelance writer in Technologies change the lives of people for the better, in order to find the book you are interested in, it was necessary to go to the library, and then there were no guarantees that you will find it there. Now everything is much simpler, just a couple of clicks you can download absolutely any book on your smartphone, and enjoy reading.

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