Insert foreach checkbox checked

I like to insert into mysql table, rows selected on the form table using checkboxes.

When I select the first row downwards, everything is okay BUT when I select others than the first row, no data inserted. The script is forcing me to select row 1.

I want only select checkboxes inserted into the database.

Below is my table:

<table id="simple-table" class="table table-striped table-condensed responsive">
         <th style="width:5%" class="center">
          <label class="pos-rel">
           <input type="checkbox" name="offerring" class="ace" />
           <span class="lbl"></span>
   <th style="width:32%">Student Name</th>
   <th style="width:10%">Adm. No</th>
   <th style="width:10%" class="center">CA1 (10%)</th>
   <th style="width:10%" class="center">CA2 (10%)</th>
   <th style="width:10%" class="center">CA3 (10%)</th>
   <th style="width:10%" class="center">Exam (70%)</th>
   <th style="width:10%" class="center">Total (100%)</th>
   <th style="width:3%" class="hidden">ID</th>



        $session = clean($_POST["session"]);
        $term = clean($_POST["term"]);
        $c_taught = clean($_POST["c_taught"]);
        $s_taught = clean($_POST["s_taught"]);
        $process_limit = clean($_POST["process_limit"]);
        $session_phrase = "Session";

        $sql = "SELECT `id`, `StudentID`, `StudentName` FROM tbl_students WHERE `StudentClass` = '".$c_taught."' ORDER BY `StudentName` ";

        $result = $conn->query($sql);
        if ($result->num_rows > 0) {
                                                // output data of each row
            while($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) { 
             $id = $row['id']; 
             $student_name = $row['StudentName'];
             $student_id = $row['StudentID'];
                 <td class="center">
                  <label class="pos-rel">
                   <input type="checkbox" class="ace" name="checked[]" value="<?php echo $row['id'];?>" />
                   <span class="lbl"></span>
           <td><?php echo $student_name; ?><input type="hidden" name="student_name[]" value="<?php echo $row['StudentName']; ?>"/></td>
           <td><?php echo $student_id; ?><input type="hidden" name="student_id[]" value="<?php echo $row['StudentID']; ?>"/></td>
           <td class="center"><?php echo '<input type="text" maxlength="2" size="6" name="CA1[]" autofocus>'; ?></td>
           <td class="center"><?php echo '<input type="text" maxlength="2" size="6" name="CA2[]">'; ?></td>
           <td class="center"><?php echo '<input type="text" maxlength="2" size="6" name="CA3[]">'; ?></td>
           <td class="center"><?php echo '<input type="text" maxlength="2" size="6" name="Exam[]">'; ?></td>
           <td class="center"><?php echo '<input type="text" maxlength="2" size="6" name="Total[]">'; ?></td>
           <td class="hidden"><?php echo '<input type="hidden" name="id[]" value="'.$row["id"].'">'; ?></td>                
       <?php $cnt=$cnt+1;}}
       else {
        $msg = "<span class='red'><h4> No data available for your selection. </h4></span>";  



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And my Script (on the same page with form):

$enroll_sql = "";
//Assessment Entry
if(isset($_POST['add_assessment'])) {

        echo '<script>alertify.alert("No Student is selected.",function(e){if(e){document.location.href = "cass_entry.php";}}).set("labels", {ok:"OK!"}).set("defaultFocus", "ok").set("title", "Assessment")


    foreach($_POST['checked'] as $id=>$value) {
        $session = $_POST['session'];
        $term = $_POST['term'];
        $c_taught = $_POST['c_taught'];
        $s_taught = $_POST['s_taught'];
        $student_id = $_POST['student_id'][$id];
        $student_name = $_POST['student_name'][$id];
        $ca_1 = $_POST['CA1'][$id];
        $ca_2 = $_POST['CA2'][$id];
        $ca_3 = $_POST['CA3'][$id];
        $exam = $_POST['Exam'][$id];
        $total = $_POST['Total'][$id];
        $enroll_sql = '
        INSERT INTO tbl_subjects_enrollment (`Session`,`Term`,`Student_Class`,`Subject_Name`,`Student_ID`,`Student_Name`,`CA_1`,`CA_2`,`CA_3`,`Exam`,`Total`) 
        VALUES("'.$session.'", "'.$term.'", "'.$c_taught.'", "'.$s_taught.'", "'.$student_id.'", "'.$student_name.'", "'.$ca_1.'", "'.$ca_2.'", "'.$ca_3.'", "'.$exam.'", "'.$total.'")';

        echo $enroll_sql;

        if (mysqli_query($conn, $enroll_sql)) {
            $success_msg = '<div class="alert alert-success">
            <button type="button" class="close" data-dismiss="alert">
            <i class="ace-icon fa fa-times"></i>
            <h4><i class="ace-icon fa fa-check"> Success</i></h4>
            <p>Assessment scores were successfully saved.</p></div>';

        } else {
            echo "Error saving Assessment: " . $conn->error;

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What am I doing wrong, please?
Opeyemi AbdulRasheedAsked:
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Chris StanyonWebDevCommented:
The problem you have is becuase you're not indexing your check box. A check box is only sent to the server if it's checked, so if you check 3 boxes for example, they will have the index of 0, 1, 2, and these will have no bearing on your actual student arrays. So check[0] might actually be on the row for student 5.

You would be better off indexing your checked option with the student id:

<input type="checkbox" name="checked[<?= $student_id ?>] ...

In fact, if you index all your fields:

<input type="text" name="student[<?= $student_id ?>]['name']
<input type="text" name="student[<?= $student_id ?>]['CA1']
<input type="text" name="student[<?= $student_id?>]['CA2'],

Then in you PHP you can simply to:

foreach ($_POST['checked'] as $id):
    $student = $_POST['student'][$id];
    // access  the values
    $name = $student['name'];
    $ca1 = $student['CA1'];
    $ca2 = $student['CA2'];

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Opeyemi AbdulRasheedAuthor Commented:
@Chris Stanyon, exactly what I did. I'm so grateful. You're the best. I like it here.
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