Website SEO and performance related issues

Hello! I was just checking my friends website seo problems on a free seo checking tool and found alot of errors , more of them I can understand & fix but few don't know how to resolve .

Here is my scan result

The most important thing that I wanted to know which issues I need to fix on priority & which I can ignore ?

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Janvi AroraDigital Marketing ConsultantCommented:
In order to get best SEO results, you need to fix all the on page issues and then submit your website to Google Search Console. Title tags are much longer than the average length. Check your website in GTMetrix as well Screaming Frog. We use these tools at Radon Media to On page Issues. Start working on the earning backlinks once your On-Page optimization is done.
Bryr de GraySEO TechnicianCommented:
Here are my suggestions:

  • Optimize Page Title & Meta Title
  • Optimize Meta Description
  • Setup XML Sitemap
  • Setup Robots.txt
  • Use search engine friendly URL or permalink structure (instead of, use
  • Make it mobile-friendly (AMP validated)
  • Make sure you have an active SSL certificate (https://)
  • Make sure your site speed is fast (you may use GZIp compression to your site, talk to your web hosting provider)

less priority but you got to work on these too:

  • remove meta keywords - they're useless
  • assign alt tags on the images used in your website
Serguei Kireevinternet enthusiastCommented:
meta keywords are not useless, bing, yahoo and some other smaller search engines still consider meta keywords, as strange as it might be. and image alt tags are very important, they provide search keywords (to be found via image search), along with explaining search engines what's on the pic. also make image filenames not 3453453.jpg but red-arrow.jpg ...

ssl is the last thing to do when your site is acceptably optimized.. mobile friendly - most sites are mobile friendly now.. but maybe yours needs some improvements there.. robots.txt is an important thing, sitemap can wait, meta desc and titles and hNs are present and fine... what you need to do is speed up your page loads.. gzip is one thing, installing pagespeed is another thing.. don't worry about search friendly URLs if you don't know how, - not a big thing anymore.. permalinks, i mean..
Ethan JaksonData recovery consultantCommented:
You can do various things to improve website SEO performance. Here are some of my suggestions.
 1. Approach the keywords with a strategy.
 2. Adhere to Original content.
 3. Adjust the site's navigation and internal links.
 4. Optimize the loading speed of website.
 5. Optimize other seo related elements.
 6. Earn the links. Don't buy.
 7. Always be natural.
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