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in my friend office 20 windows7 OEM Systems,they have at the time of Microsoft announced upgrade free  windows 10  ,they are upgraded up to latest build windows 10 (Build update18.0 version)recently Microsoft persons are advices Don't upgrade OEM Editions,Its only for Volume Licenses. is it correct, what is the Differences bit ween OEM VS Volume.

1)if my system failed,now i have installed windows 7 and Upgraded windows 10.Microsoft free upgrade period ended(Jun 2016) now still i have upgrading my system Operating system.
Is it Right way.
venkata s  s sharma AradhyulaSr. system administratorAsked:
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Sam Simon NasserIT Support ProfessionalCommented:
question 1: you can download the windows 10 tool (https://www.microsoft.com/software-download/windows10) and click upgrade this PC. Since this PC is windows activated, it will upgrade it. it will upgrade your windows 7 version (home, pro, ultimate) to its respective windows 10
question 2: in case of format, you need to install windows 7, activate it then upgrade again to windows 10

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venkata s s sharma AradhyulaSr. system administratorAuthor Commented:
Do I still qualify for the free upgrade offer,because Microsoft announced upgrade period time  upto july26,2016.
your OS key is tored in bios, or MS server - you don't need that anymore - once upgraded properly to win 10.
you can even do a fresh install, without needing a key
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1 the free upgrade was not limited to volume licenses. In fact, it even excluded volume licenses since these need active contracts, which allow upgrading anyway, so clearly, that info you got is wrong.

2 the free upgrade offer has expired, but is still technically possible. If you may do it is another question and you should ask microsoft to make sure. My guess is, they still allow it to help transition win7 users to win10 since still most users use win7 and not 10 and (possibly)  Microsoft could earn more with win10 (by selling telemetry data and apps, for example), even without selling a license.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
To avoid this whole hassle with Windows 7 install and upgrade to Windows 10 in case you system fails you need to take regular backups of these systems. Then you would need just to restore from backup in case something happens. This is the right way.
venkata s s sharma AradhyulaSr. system administratorAuthor Commented:
system state Backup or ?
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Complete system backup. There are Windows tools for backup or third party backup software such as Ghost, Paragon, Acronis, Veeam etc. You can take backup images of your systems by schedule to NAS storage. And if needed simply restore the system back from backup to the state it was at the moment of backup. This saves a lot of time and nerves.
unfortunately, questions such as this point to an issue of the way the question was posed to who ever provided the response.
The issue with OEM version is that they are limited to the SYSTEM on which they were installed.
They are not transfrrable. so long as these 20 PC function, with replacement parts, as was pointed out you will be able to install windows 10 directly of the same type.
As others pointed out the only reason one would install windows 7 following a hard drive failure is to maintain/retain access to the software that was included with the OEM OS install. Otherwise, as once again, others have pointed out, you can go directly to windows 10 but you will not have any extraneous applications installed/available. Installing those after the windows 10 will only be possible if you bought those applications separately.

My guess the question posed to the Microsoft person, dealt with the current situation, i.e. "having 20 PC with OEM, am I entitled to upgrade to windows 10?"
To this question, the answer received seems right.
venkata s s sharma AradhyulaSr. system administratorAuthor Commented:
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