Backup and recovery of windows 2008 server workgroup

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HI im going modifying the windows 2008 server r2 registry for some application purpose, as recommended
currently this a workgroup server/standalone server in the c:\ 40gb space is left over.

How can it take the backup of registry, whole OS
what is the easiest process to rebuild the OS or registry incase of OS Crash

and recovery should be easy/fast, we CANT use the thridparty sw tools
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Backup the registry:

1. From the windows server, click Start >> Run >> Type regedit to open Registry Editor.
2. Click Computer in the Registry Editor.
3. Click File from the Registry Editor >> Export.
4. Enter the file name to save the backup file in appropriate location.
5. Click Save button.

Restore the registry:

1. From the Registry Editor, click File >> Import.
2. Locate the registry backup where you have stored and click "Open"
3. Restart the Windows server to use the restored registry.

If the requirement is that you cannot use any 3rd party software then you have no option but to use the Windows Server Backup.

In the event of a crash and you can boot into Windows you can restore using the restore wizard (described in the above link).  If you cannot boot into Window you will have to restore the backup using the Windows OS installation media
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windows includes a backup software, check wbadmin also look for backup..
you can create an image on the D: or other to roll back in case of an issue.

What modifications does your software asking you to perform?

IT is unlikely to damage, though much depends on what changes you are asked to make.
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