Finding "unclosed element"

How do you find unclosed elements.  I'm trying to clean up code, but when I look at the source in Firefox,  the close body tag reports the following error:
End tag for "body" seen, but there were unclosed elements

This occurs on even simple pages.  I understand what the message means but how do I go about finding the "unclosed element"?  Is there an easier way to look at the source to find this error?
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Julian HansenCommented:
Do a view source and copy the content.
Go to an HTML Formatter service (Example: and format the HTML
Paste into an editor and save as .html (so you can get the code formatting)

No go through the code to see where you have a missing div

What I do is eliminate blocks I know are correct - so when I have an opening <ul> - when I find the closing </ul> I remove the <ul> entirely. This slowly reduces the size of the haystack.
Chris StanyonWebDevCommented:
I would suggest you consider using an IDE or advanced text editor that would highlight this kind of thing automatically. I use Sublime Text with a plugin, and it will highlight is an end tag is missing - works well for HTML / CSS / JS / PHP etc.
Julian HansenCommented:
Just a note that the editor can show you it is missing - but to find where it is supposed to go can take a bit of searching.
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Chris StanyonWebDevCommented:
@Julian - Yep :)

I think that's probably why I'm slightly OCD about indentation !
breeze351Author Commented:
I tried what you suggested, but no joy!  I'm attaching the html text.  It's not that big.  Maybe you can see what I'm missing.

I do the same thing.  Even with if statements in php.  I actually start the if statement on one line on the next line I put the "{" under the "if".  Then on the 3rd line I indent the code.  When I'm done with the if statement, the "}" aligns under the opening "{".  I know it's not what is considered correct coding, but it sure makes it easier for me to read and find errors .  I can't tell you how may times I just typed to fast and instead of "{", I typed "[" or the same on the closing brackets.
Chris StanyonWebDevCommented:
Hey breeze,

Don't see anything fundamentally wrong with your page. Firefox is not showing any errors in the source view, and apart from a couple of deprecated properties it validates as HTML perfectly OK.

The width on <table> and align on your Submit button should be replaced with CSS.

You're missing quotes around the class name on your first <td>

<td style="padding-left:5px" class = Body_Labels>User ID: </td>

But they're trivial issues.

Do you have any plugins enable in Firefox that injects additional code into your pages - sometimes adblockers or webdev tools can do that.

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Julian HansenCommented:
I get the same results as Chris - no validation errors - code seems semantically correct.
breeze351Author Commented:
I swear to you that yesterday the </body> in the source view in Firefox said that there were open elements!
I haven't been drinking that much (Well maybe I have).
breeze351Author Commented:
I swear to you that yesterday the </body> in the source view in Firefox was in read and  said that there were open elements!
I haven't been drinking that much (Well maybe I have).
Julian HansenCommented:
Cache maybe?
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