How to delete or move away corrupted encode files

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I got from a chinese seller in eBay a recorder that has a HDMI in+out ports plus a USB port
where I plug my USB HDD to record video+audio streams that came out of the HDMI
source: sometimes, corrupted  encodedxxx.mp4 files (of 0 bytes or of some size but
indicated as '0 file') are created.

I can't use Win Explorer nor commands (del, move, rename) to clear or move or rename
these files: a message saying 'corrupted file, run chkdsk' pops up : I don't want to run
chkdsk as it's been known to corrupt my HDDs.

How can I get rid of these 'corrupt' files so that they don't clutter my HDD.  I could
have move all these few TB of mp4 files aways somewhere, reformat the HDD but
it's going to take me a couple of days: any better/faster way of doing it?
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any freeware / tools are welcome.  The USB HDD is partitioned as NTFS
ste5anSenior Developer
Use new cables. Then check the USB connector on that box. After this: you need a technician to open the box.. Cause depending on the quality of that "chinese seller in eBay a recorder" he can fix at least some minor connectivity problems..
Top Expert 2014
Tried using DEL with /F to force?


>Tried using DEL with /F to force?
Didn't help.

> Use new cables. Then check the USB connector on that box.
Tried new USB cable on that Seagate HDD, still can't delete.  The USB port on that recorder
box: how do I check it?  Think if I press the record button, let it record for at least 20secs
before I stop recording, these 'lost' files won't happen or if I only record 1 video at a time
rather than leaving it to record continuously overnight (which may be the cause here)

I think this issue may be due to me pressing the button on that recorder box too soon or
perhaps I was fast-forwarding / backwarding the video inputs.


Any other suggestions?

F:\>del/f Encode_V1129_1080P_168.1
The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.

F:\>del/f Encode_V1129_1080P_168.2
The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.

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