Java quiz program

I am having problems with my  Java program Quiz Game (code below). I am trying to do a random multiple choice question quiz but it does not work the way I wish to. The program should output three random questions at a time but at run time it is stopping after the first one. Can someone please help me out?

import java.util.Random;

public class Sample3{
public static void main (String args[])
    Random quiz = new Random();
    int question;
    for(int counter=1; counter<=3;counter++){
        question = 1+quiz.nextInt(3);
    System.out.println ("Welcome to the Quiz Game!");
       System.out.println ("The instructions are: you will be given one type of topic,");
       System.out.println ("The topic will have 3 multiple choice questions");
       System.out.println ("If you get one wrong you start from the beginning.");
       System.out.println ("If you get them all right you will win");
if ((question==1)){
           System.out.println ("question: How many players are there in 1 football team?");
           System.out.println ("9");
           System.out.println ("10");
           System.out.println ("11");
int ans1=Keyboard.readInt();
        System.out.println ("Correct");}
if ((question==2)){
        System.out.println ("Question : Which of these teams play in the Premier League?");
        System.out.println ("press 1 for Juventus");
        System.out.println ("press 2 for Chelsea");
        System.out.println ("press 3 for PSG");
int ans2=Keyboard.readInt();
        System.out.println ("Correct");}
if ((question==3)){  
        System.out.println ("Question 3: How do you score?");
        System.out.println ("press 1 if by kicking the ball into the net");
        System.out.println ("press 2 if by throwing the ball into the net");
        System.out.println ("press 3 if by kicking the ball outside the turf");
  int ans3=Keyboard.readInt();
        if ((ans3==1)){
                System.out.println ("Correct!");}
Mick 3009Asked:
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Jeffrey Dake Senior Director of TechnologyCommented:
When you do int Keyboard.readInt(); the program is going to stop and wait for the input to be inputted by the  keyboard before continuing with the program.  You will need to move that call around if you want it to not wait before the other questions are displayed.

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Using a random approach like that which is in a finite for loop is the opposite of a guarantee that all three questions will be asked - which seems strange to say the least.

You need something like a while loop instead, which runs until three questions have been answered. You'll then also have to ensure that 3 *different* questions were answered, otherwise nothing will make sense.
Mick 3009Author Commented:
Thank you for your comment. Program updated accordingly and problem solved!
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