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cant remote print windows 7 stations

hp LJ m402dw printers wont RDP Print.

local station
64bit windows 7

remote station
32bit windows 7

both stations have the same PCL 6 driver. printer will redirect and show up on the remote printer. when I do a test print it will queue in both the local and the remote station then disappear. no errors and no print job completed..
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install 32bit drivers on the local station as well
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I grabbed the driver from windows driver catalog. doesn't it pick the 32bit one by default? how can I check?

update: i checked the (x86) folder and the HP printer files are in there so i assume it is the 32bit one. also noticed that the old HP 2035 that printed just fine with RDP has its files in the 64bit folder
This is tricky: You are using a 64-bit computer and are RDP'ing into a 32-bit computer. On your computer, check the printer properties, advance and see if both the 64bit and x86 drivers are checked (see pic). If only the 64bit driver is checked, then you need to install the 32 bit drivers on the local computer.  You can install a 32bit driver on the local computer.

You won't be able to install the 64 bit drivers on the remote computer because it is a 32bit os.
sorry the remote station is the 32bit one and the local station is 64bit
"sorry the remote station is the 32 bit one and the local station is 64bit"

You won't be able to install the 64 bit drivers on the remote computer because it is a 32 bit Operating System.

You need to install the 32 bit drivers on the "local computer".
figured as much. it only has the 64bit installed, trying to add now but HP doesn't make it easy to find the drivers by them selves. i have the disk but cant find it in it. searched the catalog but it only offers the 64bit driver to me. is there a way to make it give me the 32bit one?

Update: was able to install the 32bit driver and now have both the 32bit and the 64bit checked. will update when i am in the office to see if it works. thank you.
Fingers crossed
no go. adding the 32bit driver to both and turning it on under sharing did not help. does share this printer have to be checked ass well?
ok - lets break this down and take RDP out of the equation.

You have two computers and one printer (HP LaserJet m402dw - duplex wireless). How is everything communicating to each other. Is this a home network or business? Assuming home.

On the local computer, you have the 64-bit and 32-bit drivers installed, but how are you communicating to the printer? Is is locally installed or has the printer been networked and you installed it as a network printer?

On the remote computer a) is this an actual physical computer? b) you only have the 32-bit driver installed. How is that computer communicating to the printer? c) Is it installed as a network printer or is it physically attached to the computer?

I'm trying to obtain as much info as possible to ascertain if I am giving you the correct instructions.
Are you trying to print to the printer wirelessly??
both are office networks the local one is not on a domain while the remote one is.

the printer is physically located next to the local PC and connected via wifi

the remote station is a physical computer located in another office i assume its comunicated through the RDP connection
ok - now I understand.

The local printer is able to print to the printer because it connected to it via wireless, which means that the remote computer has no idea that it exists, even though you create an RDP session and it creates a virtual printer (that the redirected printer). You may have to share the printer on the local side (on the local computer) - doesn't seem to make sense to me, but what the heck.

Then once logged into the remote session, install the shared printer and then see if it prints.

Will have to continue researching.

Another solution is to install additional software on the remote computer. Here a few software solutions:
so i don't want to call this a fix but i realized that another employee her has a hp lj 401 and the drivers were installed already on the local and remote pc i am working on so i just changed the drivers to the 401 drivers and it kicked right it.
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