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We have a small business that has two email addresses and an alias set up.



All emails that reach are automatically sent to - and i can't remember how i set this up.

I have two questions:

01 - Tom now wants to receive all emails too. Can anyone please advise?

02 - Tom also wants to reply from Can someone also advise on this too please.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Kent WSr. Network / Systems Admin

For both to receive emails:
Setup as a group, and add peter@ and tom@ to that group.
Anything that is sent to admin@ will be sent to peter@ and @tom.

So that an individual can reply as
The individual needs to go the their gmail > settings cog > settings > Accounts Tab.
You will see "Send mail as", and under that 'Add another email address". The individual can add the address here.
Depending on how you are setup, and if they are admin or not, there may be additional instructions to verify.
After this is completed, when they fire up a new email, or hit reply / forward, the option to drop down the "From" field appears, and you can select any email address that was added under "Send mail as".
There is also the option in settings, also under "Send mail as" section, to choose which email to reply from.  I choose:

When replying to a message:
      Reply from the same address the message was sent to

The other option is just your primary email address, with the drop-down option in the FROM field to select once you hit reply / forward to an email.

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