How to properly sync Bookmark Bar modified in Chrome to iCloud

In Google Chrome Settings we enabled "Show bookmarks bar".

After setting up the bookmarks as we wanted, after a while we noticed what we modified has been returned as before (like we have not modify out Bookmarks Bar).

We have iCloud and it always synced ok, but for some reason the Bookmarks after a while, all reset to its prior stated.

We have Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.  and in out mobiles, Safari in iPhone/iPads

What is going on and how can we fixed his?

To see the effect and maybe it could be fixed,
  • We disable iCloud setting to not sync Bookmarks chrome.
  • then we went into the computer and disable iCloud extension.
  • then deleted all bookmarks in chrome.
  • We went to iphone/ipad and restarted both device (didn't touch the safari bookmark, in both device its the same)
  • Went back to iCloud and enable chrome sync
  • Went back to chrome and re-enable icloud extension

By re-enabling & restarting we though chrome would download from iCLoud, but its empty.

Please advice.
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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
You've got a fairly complex scenario here . .and I'm not even 100% clear if we are all OSX and iOS but with mention of Edge and Internet Explorer I'm assuming there are Windows flavours in here too and not just a VM on an OSX computer?

If you're using the iCloud Bookmarks extension for Chrome on WINDOWS it is only for Win 7 & 8 and the review indicate it can be a bit flaky in other scenarios

I would expect the Safari on all iOS devices synch's nicely with iCloud .. introducing a non-Apple browser running on an non-Apple operating system is going to cause some issues

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janaAuthor Commented:
It’s windows 10 pro the said computer - based on your entry, only for Windows 7 & 8, so W10pro, no?
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
@rayluvs - if you look at the more recent reviews of the Chrome Extension you'll see lots of references to it being broken or others having similar errors to you .. bookmarks disappearing/reset etc.

Seeing as it is a bit of a fudge from Apple because the dropped Safari on Windows .. I'd not be holding my breath for a rock-solid service on that front
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janaAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the info.

So with Safari working under Windows you have seen it work better?
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
Safari on Windows has been gone a while and full iCloud bookmark sync wasn’t really a thing back then!!

Safari on OS X  combined with some 3rd party’s bookmark sync tool which copies safari to google chrome on OS X and then that in turn is synced with the Windows version might be a better bet.
janaAuthor Commented:
So no luck with this.

Ok, thanx
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